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When You Need Sleep Dentistry and When You Can Do With Local Anaesthetic

There are certain dental procedures that must be carried out under sedation. Your dentist may use a local anaesthetic in certain conditions. Then there are extended procedures during which it is best to use sleep dentistry Melbourne clinics use as part of the procedure.

Local Anaesthetic

Certain common procedures necessitate the use of local anaesthetic. Tooth extraction is one such procedure. The severity of pain you feel will depend on the tooth that is to be extracted and how much it is affected by caries. The usual process is for dentists to inject a local anaesthetic into the gum around the offending tooth. Then he waits for a few minutes to let the anaesthetic take effect. He may tap the tooth and the gums and ask you if you feel pain. If you do not then he will proceed with the tooth extraction. There is no need for sleep dentistry Melbourne dentists assure you for this situation.

Tooth extraction is a relatively simple process that is completed within a short time. However, if your tooth can be saved then the dentist will carry out a root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is rather extended and takes time. A local anaesthetic is absolutely necessary. In fact, your dentist may apply the anaesthetic twice if the effect of the first injection wears off and you feel pain. It takes time for the dentist to drill a hold in the tooth and remove the diseased pulp and then flush it completely before putting in a sealant.

If it is necessary to use the surgical procedure on your gums then too a local anaesthetic is used.

When sleep dentistry is used

Normal people are awake and fully aware of their surroundings during the above procedures. They do not have any apprehensions when they see the dentists tools or feel the buzz in their mouth. However, there are a few people who may have a phobia and cannot simply bear the thought of the drill working in their mouth. They become nervous and their actions may hinder the dentist in his work. Children, likewise, may fear any such procedure. In such cases, whether it is a root canal or tooth extraction the dentist deems it wiser to use sleep dentistry.

Instead of a local anaesthetic injected at the site, your dentist opts for the use of an intravenous injection that will relieve anxiety and pain and also induce sleep. You do not have consciousness during the procedure. The usual practice is for the dentist to have a specialist apply the injection rather than doing it himself. You will stay conscious but you are sedated. Once the procedure is over you will rest until you regain full consciousness and can move on your own.

In such cases, your dentist will recommend that you bring someone along with you to help you home after the procedure.

Holistic Dental in Donvale welcomes you to their clinic for various procedures. You may choose local anaesthetic or sleep dentistry Melbourne clinic offers for your convenience.

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